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SMARTER Writing: Differentiating Instruction in the Writing Strategies Curriculum

Breakout Session
8:30-9:45 AM
Regency A

During this session, we will propose several scenarios on the realities of today’s schools and then how teachers might approach writing strategy instruction using all the writing strategy programs in creative ways within these scenarios. Additionally, this session will explore the possibility of sequencing professional development for teachers in the writing strategies in order to allow them to differentiate their instruction while still maintaining the integrity of the strategies and strategic instruction. An overall framework called “SMARTER Writing” will be presented. Also, a plan for providing a series of professional development workshops with engaging and meaningful activities will be shared, and all suggestions and feedback will be greatly appreciated from those attending this session.

Ideas for Grading Students Learning the Theme Writing Strategy By Anita Friede
SMARTER and Writing Strategies - Adapted from Keith Lenz
SMARTER Writing ppt - Schumaker and Atallah
Fundamentals of Theme Writing Day 1 (Overview of PW, Fundamentals of Theme Writing, SW Overview)
Proficiency in Theme Wriring Day 2 (Finishing Fundamentals, Invormative Writing and Exploring the Star Writer)
Proficiency in Theme Writing Day 3 (Sentence Writing, Paragraph Writing and Persuasive &I Argumentative
Fundamentals of Theme Writing Day 4 (Star Writer and Narrative Writing)



Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies

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