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2019 SIM Academy at James Madison University

Event Details

  • Dates:
    June 24-26,2019
  • Location:
    Content Teaching Academy
    Memorial Hall, MSC 6912
    Harrisonburg, VA
  • Cost:
    $440.00 / $395.00 (earlybird - by Fri, 05/17/2019)
  • Contact:
    Diane C. Gillam, SIM Professional Development Leader

To register :™-6-12

The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™)Academy provides professional learning in the evidence-based practices, Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines, developed by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL). These instructional practices in reading, writing, and social-emotional learning address skills for adolescents to have to be successful in accessing all content areas. SIM is one instructional model that provides educators with high leverage practices for both general educators and special educators. Specific strategies and routines which may be offered include: The Scientific Argumentation Routine, Teaching Cause and Effect, The Concept Comparison Routine, The Vocabulary LINCing Routine, The Word Mapping Strategy, The Word Identification Strategy, The Inference Strategy, and Talking Together.