Addressing the needs of all learners


JULY 16-18, 2019
DoubleTree by Hilton, Lawrence, KS

SIMposium Links


In preparation for the SIMposium and Keynote

Review the following websites and investigate resources there:

The University of Florida CEEDAR Center High Leverage Practices page Create a folder on your computer for High-Leverage Practices. Download, into that folder:
      1. High Leverage Practices in Special Education
      2. High-Leverage Practices and Evidence-Based Practices: A Promising Pair
      3. High-Leverage Practices Crosswalk
      4. High Leverage Practices Flyer List.
These will be useful during the SIMposium and in the future. Bookmark both web pages for future reference.

University of Michigan TeachingWorks site
Read the HLPs listed and be sure to click on the More button to learn more about each practice. You may want to download these into your HLP folder that you created on your computer and consider how these square with your SIM work.

A valuable resource for this conference is the book, High Leverage Practices for Inclusive Classrooms, edited by James McLeskey, Lawrence Maheady, Bonnie Billingsley, Mary T. Brownell, and Timothy J. Lewis.