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Accelerate Student Growth with SIM: Prepared, Inspired, Ready to Act

FREE Webinar - May 20th, 3:00-4:00 pm CST

In the upcoming school year, many schools will emphasize accelerated learning conditions to 1) bridge students’ content and skill gaps, and to 2) focus on essential grade level curriculum. Schools know what needs to be done and why, but do we know how? Fortunately, SIM provides the resources and methods to address this approach. SIM includes an instructional planning cycle called SMARTER that promotes effective teaching and learning of critical content, especially through the use of Content Enhancement Routines. SMARTER has been found effective for decades, but it is needed now more than ever. SIM professional developers have a vital leadership role to empower teachers.

Hear from experts:
Jocelyn Washburn, Ph.D., Director of Professional Development and Senior Associate Researcher, University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning,
Rosemary Tralli, Ph.D., SIM Professional Development Leader, Educational Consultant, Connecticut,
with guest speaker,
Keith Lenz, Ph.D., Designer of SMARTER Instructional Cycle, Associate Professor, Special Education, University of Central Arkansas

Join us for this important webinar and learn about upcoming events that will prepare you to make school-based connections between SIM Content Enhancement and acceleration. 

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