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SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Unit Organizer and Question Exploration with the SMARTER Instructional Cycle

Rescheduling - Fall 2021 - date TBA

Note: This professional learning event is a series of sessions, which will meet twice in June to learn the instructional routine and provide time for interaction and feedback, and meet three more times for one-hour small group coaching sessions
Presenters: Sarah Davidson, SIM PD & Sue Meyer, SIM PD

This is a two part cohort session focused on learning how to use the SMARTER Instructional Cycle to plan and implement The Unit Organizer Routine and The Question Exploration Routine. We will discuss how to implement Content Enhancement Routines in various environments including virtual, hybrid, in person, and asynchronous instruction.

Through use of the Unit Organizer Routine, teachers can "frame" a unit to enable students to understand the big picture of the unit. Use of the routine helps students understand how the unit fits within a course or sequence of units, see a method for organizing knowledge, define relationships among pieces of information, understand what they are expected to do, monitor their progress, and recognize what they have learned.

The Question Exploration Routine helps students explore important questions and use the resulting knowledge in a variety of ways, providing a potential foundation for independent problem solving and higher-order thinking. The routine guides students in examining the critical question, key terms and definitions, supporting questions and answers, and a main idea that synthesizes the information into a concise answer to the critical question. The routine also helps students explore applications of the main idea to their lives and organize their thoughts for writing essays.

Participants will receive the following materials as part of their registration: The Unit Organizer Routine guidebook, The Question Exploration Routine guidebook, access to digital teacher resources, three (one-hour) small group coaching sessions, and three (30-minute) consultation sessions for school administrators.

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