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The Strategic Instruction Model is a comprehensive adolescent literacy program for your school or district. SIM components target the full range of literacy skills your students need to succeed in high school, on state and national tests, and in their college and career choices.



SIM encompasses more than 30 specific Learning Strategies that can help students overcome specific learning difficulties that impede literacy, from identifying words in text to completing assignments on time to writing complete essays.


SIM's Content Enhancement Routines empower teachers to think deeply about the importance of their course content and teach in ways that engage all students.


SIM'S Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines are proven to help students build the literacy skills they need to perform well on state assessments and other important measures of achievement. In addition, teachers and students can use the strategies and routines to respond successfully to the challenges presented by a district's adoption of the Common Core State Standards.


SIM is the result of more than 30 years of researching what works for teachers and students. Our affordably priced student manuals and teacher guidebooks include everything teachers need for their students to succeed with SIM.


  • At Riverbank High School in California, scores on state competency tests rose more than 50 points in the first two years alone after the school adopted an extensive literacy improvement program based on SIM.
  • Cabot Middle School North was named an Arkansas Diamond School to Watch in 2008, and the Strategic Instruction Model sparkled as one of the school's areas of academic excellence.
  • Students who completed Muskegon High School's reading comprehension course, which consisted of four SIM strategies, performed better on the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test at the end of the year than their peers at a comparison school.

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