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Overview of Learning Strategies (LS) Application Requirements

Note: Sections on BadgeList for the LS PD Institute badge align with these required items. After you've completed your evidence in BadgeList, be sure to click on the Request Feedback Button to submit your application for approval.

1. SIM LS Implementation Experience

Applicants eligible to apply to become a SIM professional developer in Learning Strategies meet each of the following requirements.

  • Participated actively in professional development for a minimum of 2 Learning Strategies through Generalization (preferably from 2 of 4 strands, Reading, Writing, Studying, Performance) - Visit the LS webpage for more information
  • Implemented a minimum of 2 Learning Strategies (if both of these follow the lesson-based format, then instruction in an 8-stage format will be included during the apprenticeship)
  • Demonstrated proficiency and/or competence with the Learning Strategies as verified by a certified SIM Professional Developer

Download this LS table indicating the instruction you have received and the experience you have had using Learning Strategies with students. Note those that you are currently using in your classroom and if you are not currently in a classroom teaching position, note how you are using or have used the LS. Upload this your completed table to your LS PD Institute badge.

2. Student portfolios  

Provide 1 student folder for each of 2 different strategies that you have taught in their entirety.
Learn portfolio specifications here

Learning Strategy 1: ______________________
Learning Strategy 2: ______________________

3. Classroom video recording and checklist conducting the Model Stage with students.
Learn video specifications here

4. Letters of Support, one from a current employer or administrator and one from a certified SIM Professional Developer.
Learn letter specifications here

5. Application questions. The answers to the application questions help institute instructors prepare to personalize the institute content, tasks, activities, and sessions for participants. Thus, don’t worry if you feel your answers to some questions are brief or limited. We will support your professional growth through the institute and apprenticeship process towards certification. Download the questions found here to answer in a Word or Google Doc, then upload to your LS PD Institute badge.

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