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Coaching SIM: How to Meet Teachers where they are to move them forward

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Regency C

Implementing SIM effectively requires a learning journey for teachers. Coaches can come along side teachers to support them on this journey, partnering with them to get a clear picture of where they are, where they want to go and how they might get there. In this session, learn about the different ways coaching is provided as part of Florida’s SPDG SIM Project, what resources are being leveraged for the work, and lessons learned from various approaches. Also bring your questions about coaching – specific and broad and we will discuss possible answers and troubleshoot concerns.



Session Topics: 
Instructional Coaching
Professional Developer Practice

HLPs Relevant to this session

Special Education HLPs: 
HLP1 Collaboration: Collaborate with professionals to increase student success
HLP2 Collaboration: Organize and facilitate effective meetings with professionals and families
HLP 5 Assessment: Interpret and communicate assessment information with stakeholders to collaboratively design and implement educational programs
HLP 6 Assessment: Use student assessment data, analyze instructional practices, and make necessary adjustments that improve student outcomes
HLP 11 Instruction: Identify and prioritize long and short term learning goals
HLP 12 Instruction: Systematically design instruction toward a specific learning goal
HLP 16 Instruction: Use explicit instruction
HLP 18 Instruction: Use strategies to promote active student engagement
General Education HLPs: 
HLP 2: Explaining and modeling content, practices, and strategies
HLP 4: Diagnosing particular common patterns of student thinking and development in a subject-matter domain
HLP 5: Implementing norms and routines for classroom discourse and work
HLP 6: Coordinating and adjusting instruction during a lesson
HLP 8: Implementing organizational routines
HLP 13: Setting ling and short term learning goals for students
HLP 14: Designing single lessons and sequences of lessons
HLP 16: Selecting and designing formal assessments fo student learning
HLP 17: Interpreting the results of student work, including routine assignments, quizzes, test, projects, an standardized assessments
HLP 19: Analyzing instruction for the purpose of improving it

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