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Customize Your SIM Professional Learning with Micro-Credentialing

2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Regency D

Micro-credentialing is a relatively new term and way of doing business in the field of education. This process allows educators the opportunity to identify, prioritize, and customize their professional learning needs. How can we promote and support micro-credentialing as SIM Professional Developers in order to share the instructional power of SIM Learning Strategies and Content Enhancement Routines? During this session, we will discuss the benefits of micro-credentialing and how we can help teachers broaden their skills and knowledge of SIM through the micro-credentialing process.


Customize your professional Learning with SIM Micro-Credentials

Content Enhancement Micro-Credential Checklist

What Coaching Looks Like for SIM Micr-credentials

Learning Strategy Specialist Micro-credential Checklist

SIM Micro-credentials: Putting SIM expertise on display  (Stratenotes V23, Issue 8)





Session Topics: 
Professional Developer Practice

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