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Deep Dive: Innovative Development of Content Enhancement Units of Instruction with CORGI Technology

8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Regency D

This session will present instructional innovations related to Content Enhancement Routines (CER)  developed by the KUCRL and CORGI technology developed by CASt International, specialists in Universal Designs for Learning.  This project achieved the goal of developing, vetting, and assessing student learning when teachers taught four units in Biology or American History and utilized the CORGI instructional technology to help students learn. In this process, researchers worked with teachers across two states within the design-based research process to identify the most critical content as identified by state standards, and match that content to the appropriate CER

  The development of several Content Enhancement Routines (CERs) to support learning across an entire unit was innovative in its scope and outcomes. Each of the units utilized the Unit Organizer, the Question Exploration Routine, the Concept Comparison Routine, and the Cause and Effect Routine.   The CERs were developed and vetted through several design-based iterations and consultations among teachers, researchers and experts. Biology units were developed to teach units on Cells, Genetics, Evolution and Ecology.  American History units were developed to teach units on the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War.  Teachers in the study were provided with complete and carefully developed units as opposed to individual teacher responsibility for development of CERs. 

The development of the CORGI technology is innovative not only due to its technology supports for CER graphics, but because the goal is to make this innovation more widely available than m dany previous efforts. Students and teachers used Chromebooks to interactively develop each of the four Content Enhancement Routines across each the four units in each subject.  CORGI technology gave students access to each graphic organizer to be interactively developed, and provided supports such as introductory videos, text to speech, and dictionary supports, among others.

As part of this presentation, CORGI 1 technology will be shared for attendees to use.

Session Topics: 
Content Enhancement
Blended/Virtual/Online Learning
Professional Developer Practice

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