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Deep Dive: Instructional Coaching and SIM

Deep Dive
8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Regency C

The instructional coaching process described in recent publications bears little resemblance to the coaching process first described in the 2007 book Instructional Coaching. In this interactive, hands-on session, participants will (a) learn how the model has been refined over the past decade, (b) practice applying instructional coaching skills to specific SIM™ Content Enhancement Routines and Learning Strategies, and (c) discuss how elements of the new instructional coaching process can be used to translate SIM research into effective teaching practices that change students’ lives. If you’re interested in what it takes to get quality implementation of SIM that is sustained over time, you will find this session useful.
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Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies
Content Enhancement
Instructional Coaching
Professional Developer Practice

HLPs Relevant to this session

Special Education HLPs: 
HLP1 Collaboration: Collaborate with professionals to increase student success
HLP 4 Assessment: Use multiple sources of information to develop a comprehensive understanding of a student's strengths and needs
HLP 5 Assessment: Interpret and communicate assessment information with stakeholders to collaboratively design and implement educational programs
HLP 6 Assessment: Use student assessment data, analyze instructional practices, and make necessary adjustments that improve student outcomes
HLP 11 Instruction: Identify and prioritize long and short term learning goals
HLP 12 Instruction: Systematically design instruction toward a specific learning goal
HLP 18 Instruction: Use strategies to promote active student engagement
General Education HLPs: 
HLP 4: Diagnosing particular common patterns of student thinking and development in a subject-matter domain
HLP 5: Implementing norms and routines for classroom discourse and work
HLP 6: Coordinating and adjusting instruction during a lesson
HLP 13: Setting ling and short term learning goals for students
HLP 14: Designing single lessons and sequences of lessons
HLP 15: Checking student understanding during and at the conclusion of lessons
HLP 19: Analyzing instruction for the purpose of improving it

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