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Exploring and Installing SIM

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Regency D

This session will include an overview of SIM and the components of an effective professional learning model, including evidence-based professional development, instructional coaching, and infrastructure support for all elements of professional learning. Participants are encouraged to bring school and/or student data. Additionally, participants will become oriented to the SIMposium and spend time previewing and selecting breakout sessions. While this session is intended for participants who are new to SIM, others who are interested in engaging in dialogue about launching a school initiative around SIM are also invited to attend. 

All of the General Ed and Special Ed HLPs apply to this session.

Effective Teacher Professional Development report
10 Reasons to Install SIM
Content Enhancement Routines and Needs Chart
Exploring and Installing SIM presentation
3 Steps to Great Coaching
Learning Strategies and Needs Chart
Creating Learning Partnerships: The Principles Behind Instructional Coaching - Jim Knight
Content Enhancement Routine Sample Action Plan
Learning Strategies Sample Action Plan

Session Topics: 
Instructional Coaching
High Leverage Practices (HLPs)
Professional Developer Practice

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