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Fusion Reading Personalized Professional Development

1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Regency C

This session will provide participants with an opportunity to understand how to provide Fusion Reading personalized professional learning experiences when PD time is limited. A demonstration of the Fusion Reading online professional development modules will be shared along with examples of how this was implemented in the State of Virginia.

Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies
Blended/Virtual/Online Learning
Professional Developer Practice

HLPs Relevant to this session

Special Education HLPs: 
HLP1 Collaboration: Collaborate with professionals to increase student success
HLP 4 Assessment: Use multiple sources of information to develop a comprehensive understanding of a student's strengths and needs
HLP 5 Assessment: Interpret and communicate assessment information with stakeholders to collaboratively design and implement educational programs
HLP 6 Assessment: Use student assessment data, analyze instructional practices, and make necessary adjustments that improve student outcomes
HLP 16 Instruction: Use explicit instruction
HLP 18 Instruction: Use strategies to promote active student engagement
HLP 22 Instruction: Provide positive and constructive feedback to guide students' learning and behavior
General Education HLPs: 
HLP 2: Explaining and modeling content, practices, and strategies
HLP 6: Coordinating and adjusting instruction during a lesson
HLP 8: Implementing organizational routines
HLP 13: Setting ling and short term learning goals for students
HLP 14: Designing single lessons and sequences of lessons
HLP 15: Checking student understanding during and at the conclusion of lessons
HLP 17: Interpreting the results of student work, including routine assignments, quizzes, test, projects, an standardized assessments
HLP 18: Providing oral and written feedback to students
HLP 19: Analyzing instruction for the purpose of improving it

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