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Are you an Active SIM Professional Developer  working with a teacher who would like to post evidence of participation in SIM professional learning or fidelity of implementation of a SIM intervention? Do you know a teacher who would like to demonstrate proficiency in instructing others in the use of a SIM strategy or routine with fidelity.

In order to award credentials, professional developers must be active (be up to date on Strateworksmembership and update conference attendance) and must have received their own professional developer micro-credential. (see instructions).


Credentials may be purchased by the learner or by the SIM Professional Developer working with the learner.

Download this micro-credential order form to submit along with payment to KUCRL. Provide the name, email address, and type of credential being purchased for each learner. (Example: Janet Roth,, Fidelity of Implementation, Fundamentals of Sentence Writing).

Professional developers may also purchase credentials in the online store. (Note: This section of the online store is not open to the public, so log in is required. Instructions to log in were sent to SIM Professional Developers in March 2015 and will be archived in SIMville, but if you need help logging in, contact Once in the store:

  • Click on the "Professional Learning" tab.
  • Select "Micro-Credentials."
  • Click on the link in the page introduction to fill in a short form for each learner. Submit each learner's name, email, and the credential(s) each learner will earn. This is the only way we will know to invite your learners, so don't forget the form! If you are submitting a large number of learners, you can send a spreadsheet to in lieu of the online form.
  • Select the number of each type of credential (Professional Learning, Fidelity of Implementation, Specialist in LS or CE).
  • Add them to the shopping cart and proceed to check out.


When KUCRL receives the order, the learner will be invited via email from Badge List to join the applicable micro-credential. The link provided in the invitation will take the learner to the specific micro-credential Badge List page, where the learner will click on a “Join this Badge” button. The request to join must be accepted by KUCRL staff, who will admit the learner to the badge. This is a manual process, not automatic, so requests to join that are submitted outside of business hours may not be answered until the next business day.


To earn the Fidelity of Implementation and Specialist credentials, evidence of skill and knowledge must be posted, and that evidence must be reviewed and approved by a SIM Professional Developer. Provide support to a micro-credential earner in the following way:

  1. Sign in to Once signed in, you will see links to any Learning Groups you have joined.
  2. Click on the Learning Strategies or Content Enhancement Group link. You will be able to see all of the credentials for all of the strategies or routines available in that group.
  3. Scroll through to the credential of the strategy or routine your learner is working toward and click on it.
  4. On the credential page, scroll to the bottom to the “Members” section. Members appear alphabetically by first name. If the learner’s name does not appear, either KUCRL has not yet processed the order or the learner has not yet accepted the invitation.
  5. Click on the learner’s name to see the learner's progress toward earning the credential.
  6. View the learner’s progress and support your learner as he or she progresses through the requirements of the credential.
  7. Encourage the learner to communicate with other learners using the Badge Wiki. More information about how to use the Badge Wiki can be found in the FAQ. Only learners and experts of the credential can post in the wiki or see these discussions.

Note: As a SIM Professional Developer, you are not required to join a specific strategy or routine credential to view and support your learners’ progress. However, you may want to join the specific credential and post evidence as an example for learners and to show more and deeper evidence of your expertise in a specific strategy or routine than is possible on your Professional Developer Credential badge. In this case, KUCRL will award the credentials to active SIM Professional Developers free of charge.


When your learner has completed all of the requirements for the credential to your satisfaction, notify KUCRL at Provide the date awarded and two or three statements about why you have awarded this credential to this learner. These statements will be attached to the learner’s credential, including your name as the awarding SIM Professional Developer, and may be viewed by the public. Upon receiving your request, staff at KUCRL will “flip the switch” to notify Badge List to award the credential.





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