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Introduction to Suicide Prevention

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Regency D

This presentation will introduce suicide prevention and intervention to anyone who encounters students or individuals on a regular basis. Often those that are feeling suicidal or having suicidal thoughts reach out to someone they trust first, who may not have any training in suicide intervention. It is critically important, given the rising suicide rate, that as many people as possible are able to engage around intervention. The presenters will give an overview of the statistics around suicide, a look at common risk factors and also individual risk factors, warning signs, concrete steps around talking with someone who is suicidal, and finally resources, like Talking Together that can be used by teachers, administrators, family, or anyone else.

Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies
Social Emotional Learning
Culturally Relevant Teaching

HLPs Relevant to this session

Special Education HLPs: 
HLP2 Collaboration: Organize and facilitate effective meetings with professionals and families
HLP 3 Collaboration: Collaborate with families to support student learning and secure needed services
HLP 7 Social/Emotional/Behavioral Practices: Establish a consistent, organized and respectful learning environment
HLP 8 Social/Emotional/Behavioral Practices Provide positive and constructive feedback to guide students' learning and behavior
General Education HLPs: 
HLP 2: Explaining and modeling content, practices, and strategies
HLP 8: Implementing organizational routines
HLP 13: Setting ling and short term learning goals for students
HLP 14: Designing single lessons and sequences of lessons
HLP 15: Checking student understanding during and at the conclusion of lessons
HLP 17: Interpreting the results of student work, including routine assignments, quizzes, test, projects, an standardized assessments
HLP 18: Providing oral and written feedback to students
HLP 19: Analyzing instruction for the purpose of improving it

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