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Key Dates in SIM History

  • 1978: Edward Meyen and Richard Schiefelbusch organized the Institute for Research in Learning Disabilities, one of five organizations to win a five-year, $2-million grant to study learning disabilities. Don Deshler served as research coordinator and Jean Schumaker as associate coordinator.
    The question that started it all: What are the characteristics of adolescents with learning disabilities?
  • 1983: The International Training Network was founded.
  • 1986: The first International Training Network conference was held.
  • 1989: Strategram began publication.
  • 1992: Stratenotes began publication.
  • 1996: The Strategies Intervention Model became the Strategic Instruction Model.
    "Strategic" is broader than strategies, and "intervention" has medical connotations and is more one-way than the interactivity of "instruction."
  • 1997: Dr. Gordon Alley, who helped establish the Center and contributed to the foundation of SIM, passed away.
  • 2002: The term "professional developer" replaced "trainer."
  • 2007: Associate Director Jean Schumaker retired.
  • 2014: Director Don Deshler retired.
  • 2015: Mike Hock named Director.

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