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2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Regency A

During this session, we will provide a description of the new Possible Selves: Online Version Transition program. This version of possible selves was developed to support transition planning for students with disabilities and other learners who would benefit from thinking about future goals as learners, persons, and workers and who are taught in virtual schools. Using a systems design approach, the online version was built to be responsive to a UDL framework for students with disabilities who are receiving instruction in virtual schools. In addition, the program can be used for students in traditional school environments in which technology is available to support learning. The online version of possible selves can be taught as a stand-alone transition course/unit or embedded in a core class. Participants will examine specific online activities, explore additional lessons, and have opportunities to askquestions and provide feedback on the current model.

The Possible Selves program is designed to increase student motivation and engagement in learning by having students examine their future and think about goals that are important tothem. Specifically, students think about and describe their hoped-for possible selves expected possible selves,  and feared possible selves. In effect, students examine certain aspects of their lives and are challenged to evaluate and take action that will enable them to become strong, well-balanced human beings. They set goals, create plans, and work toward their goals aspart of this program.

Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies
Blended/Virtual/Online Learning
Social Emotional Learning

HLPs Relevant to this session

Special Education HLPs: 
HLP 11 Instruction: Identify and prioritize long and short term learning goals
HLP 15 Instruction: Provide scaffolded supports
HLP 18 Instruction: Use strategies to promote active student engagement
HLP 21 Instruction: Teach students to maintain and generalize new learning across time and settings
General Education HLPs: 
HLP 10: Building respectful relationships with students
HLP 12: Learning about students' cultural, religious, family, intellectual, and personal experiences and resources for use in instruction
HLP 13: Setting ling and short term learning goals for students

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