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Poster Session

4-5 PM


* Enrolling Administrators to Support SIM Implementation - Janice Creneti
Gaining administrator support, school level and above, is key to growing and sustaining SIM implementation. Administrators, however, are very busy people. How can you teach them about SIM in efficient and effective ways? How can you make the case for SIM compelling enough to earn a space at their tables? Explore the targeted professional development and resources the Florida SPDG SIM Project is using to get administrators not only onboard but excited about supporting SIM. HANDOUT: Tools QR Codes

* Incorporating SIM in Preservice Classes at Minnesota State University, Mankato  - Kim Johnson & Dana Wagner
This poster will address how Learning Strategies (LS) and Content Enhancement Routines (CERs) are taught in instructional design and methodology courses in special education at Minnesota State University, Makato in order to address High Leverage Practices (HLPs) that target instruction. Presenters will discuss variables that enhance and inhibit  students’ implementation of HLPs using SIM in traditional field experiences and student teaching.

* HLPs in Special Ed., Univ. of Virginia - Michael Kennedy

*Online Possible Selves - Kelsey Ortiz
Come learn more about the upcoming release of the online Possible Selves.  This online course is designed to respond to unique learning needs through the use of live lissons, peer collaboration, and assistive technologies.

* SIM and Dyslexia - Bev Colombo
Dyslexia has become a hot topic in many states due to recent legislative mandates to screen students and provide research-validated interventions.  This poster session will highlight the characteristics of Dyslexia, screening tools, and resources from states where the legislative mandate has become a catalyst for advocacy and state-wide initiatives.  Join us in a conversation about how SIM can address the needs of students with Dyslexia.

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