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Expand your literacy tool kit with these KUCRL reading programs:

                                                                                                    Link to more information about FUSION ReadingLink to more information about XTreme Reading

The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning has developed reading programs for adolescents that empower learners while promoting adolescent literacy, focuses on student motivation while engaging students and their teachers in explicit instructional patterns.

Our evidence based adolescent reading programs, FUSION Reading and Xtreme Reading, are designed to help students reach their goals and to teach them the strategies and habits of learning that they need to learn and thrive as future ready learners. Sequenced instruction supported by progress monitoring, clear student selection criteria and teacher feedback are hallmarks of KUCRL’s materials and reading programs. We know, each minute counts.

For more specific information on each program, click on the logos above to find out more.

~All students are able to achieve success when given the tools to become confident learners ~ Amy Miller, Reading Teacher, TN

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“How are Fusion Reading and Xtreme Reading alike or different?”.  Watch exerpts from a conference session about these KUCRL reading programs.