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SIM Social Emotional Learning Tools and HLPs

9:45 AM - 11:30 AM
Regency B

The advantages of developing cohesive learning communities in the classroom are numerous. Questions, however, related to how to build a strong, emotionally safe environment conducive to learning and maintain a supportive culture may be unanswered for many.  Social/emotional skills instruction and community-building strategies are central to creating a respectful classroom culture. Three easy-to-use, research-based programs will be discussed. The Talking Together program focuses on teaching important social/emotional skills and concepts that help students feel supported, connected, and engaged in learning. The SCORE Skills for Cooperative Groups is a class wide instructional program designed to teach fundamental skills to facilitate group interaction and enable students to work together pleasantly and productively. The Socially Wise Program provides computer-based instruction in skills that are basic to communication and are typically listed as areas of skill deficits for youth with social-adjustment issues. A brief overview of the research related to the three programs will be discussed.

Session Participant Presentation

Session Topics: 
Learning Strategies
Social Emotional Learning
High Leverage Practices (HLPs)
Professional Developer Practice

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