Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™)

Comprehensive, evidence-based instructional tools and programs that empower teachers and enable students to better succeed in school and beyond.

SIM What, Why, & How

SIM Circle to Improved Adolescent Literacy

What: Instructional Tools and interventions

Why: Impact

Why: Impact

SIM has been improving the lives of teachers and learners since 1978. Find out some of the ways in which our work has changed lives for the better.
How: Access SIM

How: Access SIM

We're happy you're here. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or administrator, we can help you find the SIM solution that best fits your needs.

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SIM Credentials

SIM micro-credentials put your knowledge on display. Micro-credentials, commonly known as badges, recognize your investment in professional learning and your dedication to giving your students the evidence-based interventions and tools that can make a difference in their lives.
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SIM Professional Developer Resources

SIM Professional Developer Resources

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2023 SIMposium - Celebrating the KUCRL's 45th Anniversary!

We're very excited to see everyone this July as we celebrate 45 years of the KU Center for Research on Learning, with a Disco theme. With exciting presenters and fun opportunities to reconnect with friends and colleagues and make new connections, this will be a conference you won't want to miss!
KUCRL 45th Anniversary

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What's Happening with SIM


Jan. 2023 - There is a new video available for the: Paragraph Writing Strategy

Dec. 2022 - New Overview Videos are Available for the: Fundamentals in Sentence Writing Strategy and Proficiency in Sentence Writing Strategy

Nov. 2022 - There's a new article from KUCRL researchers, Dr. Suzanne Myers and Dr. Jocelyn Washburn, in the Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, Increasing Teacher Access to Instructional Coaching Through Virtual Tools: Advantageous Before, During, and After the Pandemic.

Oct., 2022 - In Youth Connections Magazine “Strategic Instruction Opens Doors to Learning for your Child”

Sept, 2022 - We now have 3 self-paced online professional development courses, Fundamentals of Paraphrasing and Summarizing Strategy, Framing Routine, and Possible Selves

July, 2022 - New Crosswalk: The Writing Revolution and SIM™ Instructional Tools and Interventions

May, 2022 - New Book: The School of Hope, by SIM PDer, Cathleen Beachboard

April, 2022 - Irrefutable Influence: The Impact of SIM on the Development of a New Book by SIM PD Leader, Rosemary Tralli

April, 2022 - Listen to the New SIM StoryCorps#5: SIM Success in the University Classroom and Beyond, with Barb Duchardt and Joyce Rademacher


SIM Online Class: The Framing Routine

SIM Online Class: Fundamentals of Paraphrasing and Summarizing Strategy

SIM Online Class: Possible Selves Strategy

SIM Online Class: Sentence Writing Strategies (Fundamentals and Proficiency)

SIM Update Conference: July 11-13, 2023 - SIM International Conference & KUCRL 45th Anniversary Celebration, Lawrence, KS

SIM Update Conference: October, 2023 - Arkansas Virtual SIM Update Conference


-SIM provides students with tools to solve problems independently.
-SIM emphasizes teaching routines that allow teachers to organize and present curriculum content in straightforward, easy-to-learn ways.

Our research confirms that quality teaching materials greatly enhance teachers’ ability to provide quality instruction in their classrooms. Our long-standing commitment to and investment in developing these instructional supports—teacher manuals, student learning sheets, scoring rubrics, and technology supports—underscore the importance we place on this aspect of our work. For more than 40 years, we have worked directly with classroom teachers to develop materials that improve the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for teachers. As a result, we have the research, success stories, and the proven track record to help school succeed in meeting the needs of their students.

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