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Comprehensive, evidence-based instructional tools and programs that empower teachers and enable students to better succeed in school and beyond.

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SIM Circle to Improved Adolescent Literacy

What: Instructional Tools and interventions

Why: Impact

Why: Impact

SIM has been improving the lives of teachers and learners since 1978. Find out some of the ways in which our work has changed lives for the better.
How: Access SIM

How: Access SIM

We're happy you're here. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or administrator, we can help you find the SIM solution that best fits your needs.

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SIM Credentials

SIM micro-credentials put your knowledge on display. Micro-credentials, commonly known as badges, recognize your investment in professional learning and your dedication to giving your students the evidence-based interventions and tools that can make a difference in their lives.
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SIM Professional Developer Resources

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What's Happening with SIM


February, 2022 - Listen to the New SIM StoryCorps: How SIM Opens Doors, with Helen Barrier, Dana McCaleb, and Whitney Miller (VA)

January, 2022 - New Article from SIM Professional Developer Chris O'Brien (et al.) in North Carolina: High School Success: A Learning Strategies Intervention to Reduce Drop-Out Rates

December, 2021 - There's a new SIOP and SIM Crosswalk on the Integrating SIM with Other Programs, Strategies, and Initiatives Website

October, 2021 - Twelve additional SIM Learning Strategies are now listed on the NCII’s Academic and Behavioral Interventions Tool Charts

August, 2021 - KUCRL was Awarded a 2021 OSEP Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals with Disabilities, Stepping-up Technology Implementation Grant

July, 2021 - New Article: Accelerating Student Growth through the Strategic Instruction Model: Effective for Decades, Needed Now More Than Ever

June 2021 - Check out all the 2021 Virtual SIMposium has to offer!

May 2021 - Listen to the May 2021 SIM StoryCorps #2: SIM Goes to Harvard Medical School, with Richard Goldhammer and Sue Woodruff

April, 2021 - Listen to the new SIM StoryCorps: Ignited by Student Success and Fueled by Shared Passion, with Rosemary Tralli and Jocelyn Washburn

March, 2021 - Watch the Evidence-based Practices for Adolescents with Literacy Challenges webinar, with Drs. Irma Brasseur-Hock & Jocelyn Washburn, presented to middle and high school teachers, school and district administrators, and instructional coordinators and coaches across Missouri in March.


SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Aug. 16 or Aug. 22, 2022 - SIM Sentence Writing Strategies

SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Sept. 8, 2022 - University Faculty Webinar Series #1

SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Sept. 19 & 21, 2022 - Executive Functioning Series: Word Mapping Strategy

SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Oct. 18 & 20, 2022, Executive Functioning Series: FIRST-Letter Mnemonic Strategy

SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Nov. 8 & 10, 2022, Executive Functioning Series: The Paired Associates Strategy

SIM Online Class: The Framing Routine

SIM Online Class: Fundamentals of Paraphrasing and Summarizing Strategy

SIM Online Class: Possible Selves Strategy

July 11-13, 2023 - SIM International Conference & KUCRL 45th Anniversary Celebration, Lawrence, KS


-SIM provides students with tools to solve problems independently.
-SIM emphasizes teaching routines that allow teachers to organize and present curriculum content in straightforward, easy-to-learn ways.

Our research confirms that quality teaching materials greatly enhance teachers’ ability to provide quality instruction in their classrooms. Our long-standing commitment to and investment in developing these instructional supports—teacher manuals, student learning sheets, scoring rubrics, and technology supports—underscore the importance we place on this aspect of our work. For more than 40 years, we have worked directly with classroom teachers to develop materials that improve the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for teachers. As a result, we have the research, success stories, and the proven track record to help school succeed in meeting the needs of their students.

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