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The Center for Research on Learning is an internationally recognized research and development organization noted for creating solutions that dramatically improve quality of life, learning, and performance, especially for those who experience barriers to success. Since 1978, we have conducted research designed to develop ways to help students meet the demands of life, not just in school but after they leave school as well. Our overriding goal has been to develop an integrated model to address many of the needs of diverse learners. Out of this effort, the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) has evolved.


Our work centers on solving the problems that limit individuals' quality of life and their ability to learn and perform in school, work, home, or the community.


Respect: We will treat all individuals with dignity by seeking to understand their point of view and by being sensitive to their feelings. Integrity: We will apply the highest standards to our work. We will honor our agreements, and we will be honest in our dealings with others. Teamwork: We will value diverse backgrounds and perspectives as we seek solutions to difficult problems. Trust: We will trust the intentions and work done by our colleagues. Comprehensive solutions: We will value most those solutions that affect the performance of all individuals, especially those individuals who are most vulnerable to failure or who confront significant barriers.


Development: To develop resources, technologies, and procedures that facilitate learning, teaching, and advocacy for individuals. Professional Development: To prepare others to use new knowledge and validated practices that improve quality-of-life outcomes. Dissemination: To share knowledge generated through research and development in ways that reach the largest possible audiences.

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SIM History

Passage of a federal education law in the mid-1970s required that special education services be delivered to all students who needed them from kindergarten through high school. That law changed the education landscape and planted the seed for what is now the Center for Research on Learning.

SIM History

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SIM Professional Development Network History

Like many of the ideas pursued by KU CRL over the years, the SIM Network was created to meet a need. Also like many CRL pursuits, its growth, direction, and success were driven by the very people who belonged to it.

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SIM Projects

Through the KUCRL Professional Development Research Institute (PDRI), SIM Research is conducted in collaboration and partnership with internal units at the CRL and external research centers and universities to study the design and implementation of professional learning models to support teacher use of evidence-based practices. We work to support and learn from educators who are in schools daily with the ultimate goal of improved student outcomes through effective teaching practices.

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