SIM Professional Developer Resources

Active Membership Status Equation. Strateworks Subscriptin (each year) + SIM Update Conference (Every two Years) = Active SIM Professional Developer Status

Your Strateworks subscription provides access to these resources(take a video tour of the resources page):


SIMVille is the online repostitory of tools and resources accessible to SIM Professional Developers subscribed to Strateworks.  The password to SIMville changes at least once every 180 days per University of Kansas security regulations.  Each Stratenotes Newsletter email includes the current SIMville password.

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The StrateNotes Newsletter

The StrateNotes Newsletter is online.  You have to log in to SIMville to access it.  SIM Professional Developers subscribed to StrateWorks receive an email when a new StrateNotes edition is posted.

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The StrateDirectory

Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date! If you change jobs, please change your information here. 

It is important to complete the "Edit Your Profile" section to establish whether your profile is public, to highlight your expertise, and to let us know whether you would like to be contacted for referrals for professional development inquiries we receive at the Center, research opportunities, mentoring, or tutoring.  You can also sign up on the Directory for SIMTRAINER-L, the email discussion group for SIM Professional Developers.

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Your Professional Developer Micro-Credentials on BadgeList

Click to join the credentials established by KUCRL for:

SIM Micro-credential Logos

    Support from the KUCRL

    Your KUCRL SIM PD Team:
    Jocelyn Washburn (
    Mona Tipton (
    Peony Allen (

    SIM Team (Jocelyn, Mona, Peony)

    Renew your StrateWorks online on the KUCRL online store

    You can renew your StrateWorks Subscription online. Click on the shop link (above), then log in to your Professional Developer Account using the button in the upper right corner and enter "StrateWorks" in the search bar.

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    SIM Work Group & Cadre Information

    SIM Work Groups are made up of SIM Network members and were devised to enhance support to the SIM Network and to bring important materials/resources to teachers and students.

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