SIM Instructional Tools & Interventions

The Strategic Instruction Model is a comprehensive, research-validated approach to adolescent literacy that addresses the needs of students to be able to read and understand large volumes of complex materials as well as their need to be able to express themselves effectively in writing. 

SIM Content Enhancement Routines are dynamic teaching tools that use powerful teaching devices to organize and present curriculum content in an understandable and easy-to-learn manner. Teachers use Content Enhancement Routines to plan for and impart content to academically diverse classes in ways that all students can understand and remember key information. All of the routines promote direct, explicit instruction to facilitate problem-solving and critical thinking skills for students.

SIM Learning Strategies are teaching tools that gradually release control from teacher to student to help students understand information and solve problems effectively and efficiently. SIM Learning Strategies have the necessary breadth and depth to provide a well-designed scope and sequence of strategy instruction. Strategies are divided into strands, or categories of skills: acquisition of information, storage and retrieval of information, and demonstration of competence.

Reading Programs have been developed for adolescents that empower learners while promoting adolescent literacy. They focus on student motivation while engaging students and their teachers in explicit instructional patterns.

SIM tools, when used in combination with additional interventions to affect school-wide change, may be implemented through tiered systems of support.  One systematic approach, developed at the CRL, is called the Content Literacy Continuum™ (CLC). CLC is a coordinated, school-wide approach to improving literacy for all students in secondary schools, enabling them to meet higher standards. Based on five levels and focused on helping schools use their data to develop and sustain a comprehensive and integrated approach to literacy, CLC's goal is to ensure that schools are empowered to develop the infrastructure necessary to identify, develop, and offer the multi-tiered resources, services, and supports essential to a literate, successful school community.

SIM Professional Development, coaching, and infrastructure support are essential components to effective implementation of SIM instructional tools and interventions. It is highly recommended that you work with a SIM professional developer. Please fill out our online form to Request SIM Professional Development.