SIM Awards

Since 1978, the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning has worked with schools, communities, teachers, students, and service organizations to tackle the serious challenges of improving literacy and learning among the nation's adolescents

We are indebted to the many individuals who have accompanied us on our journey.  The teachers and administrators who take risk--both personal and professional--to promote the widespread use of the Strategic Instruction Model in their schools or school systems bring our work to life.   The members of the International Professional Development Network who share their expertise in the Strategic Instruction Model help educators become strategic teachers and, as a result, students become strategic learners.  The partners in the education field who generously share their knowledge and time further our research and help us reach our goals.

We recognize outstanding teachers, administrators, professional developers and partners who inspire greater achievements by awarding the Gordon R. Alley Partnership Award, The SIM Impact Award, The SIM Leadership Award, The SIM Administrative Leadership Award, The SIM Innovation Award, and the Jan Roth Spirit Award.  We offer this tribute and our sincerest congratulations to recipients of these awards with profound appreciation for all of our honorees efforts on behalf of adolescents and literacy

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