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SIM Projects

Current Projects

  • Strategic Instruction Model Support for the Adolescent Literacy component of the Comprehensive Literacy State Development Grant in Las Cruces, NM 2020-2024
    PI: Jocelyn Washburn, Co-PI: Nanette Fritschmann
  • Sustaining a SIM Initiative in Montana to Improve Student Outcomes, July 2020- June 2023
    Funded by Educational Promise Foundation, PI: Jocelyn Washburn
    SIM Professional Developers in Montana will build capacity to support SIM professional learning and implementation to improve student outcomes. A state-wide SIM Leadership Team, comprised of Montana SIM Professional Developers will lead the initiative. The effort is coordinated by Jocelyn Washburn at KUCRL and Tom Manthey at the Montana Center for Inclusive Education at MSUB. Developing a self-sustaining SIM initiative in Montana is the primary focus of the initiative with the ultimate goal of improving student outcomes. Funding empowers SIM Professional Developers to increase skills in delivering PD and coaching in blended virtual and face-to-face environments, to create opportunities for SIM Professional Developers to expand their networks and school-based expertise with SIM micro-credentials, and to host a Montana SIM Update Conference in the near future.
  • Strategic Partnership Formed with SIM and iDEC
    The Inclusive Digital Era Collaborative (iDEC) in collaboration with the Professional Development Research Institute (which includes SIM) was awarded $120,000 to conduct research and professional development activities as a result of a competitive bidding process through Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI).

Current Partners

  • Educational Promise Foundation
  • FDLRS Administration Project, Florida
  • Kentucky Educational Cooperatives
  • Las Cruces, NM Public Schools
  • Mashburn Center for Learning - University of Central Arkansas
  • North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Exceptional Children Division
  • Montana State University, Billings
  • Pennsylvania Technical Training and Assistance Network (P2G)
  • Texas E3 Alliance
  • Texas Education Service Center 13
  • Virginia Training & Technical Assistance Centers

Completed Projects

  • Virginia Tiered System of Support: Building Capacity in Evidence-Based Practice - 2012-2018

     OSEP Final Performance Report (link pending), CFDA #84.323A, PR/Award # H323A120026
PI: Patricia S. Graner 









  • Content Literacy Continuum (CLC) Development Plan-North Carolina Schools

Funded by: Cabarrus County, Johnson County and Swain County School Districts
PI: Patricia S. Graner 

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