SIM™ StoryCorps

SIM StoryCorps is based on NPR’s StoryCorps: Sharing and Preserving the Stories of Our Lives. To learn more, visit:

SIM StoryCorps is a candid conversation between two SIM Professional Developers about what’s really important in the field of education: students, connections, hope, success. How did SIM contribute to attaining what matters most? Listen to these stories from educators' hearts to find out.

Those who record their SIM stories here, do so to share their common excitement, passion, and hopes for the future. In this way, we are able to build connections across SIM Network members in states across the U.S. and around the world as well as introduce new educators to SIM. When we listen to each other, we can learn so much. Each person’s story matters! Simultaneously, we are creating an invaluable, oral history archive for future generations.

These three guiding questions are offered to partners as they consider the content for candid conversation in relation to SIM: What grabbed you? What kept you? What message do you have for current and future SIM Professional Developers? 

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Submissions should be audio files, about 5 min. long, in mp3 or mp4 format.  Instructions for recording (.pdf)

Bonnie Palasak and Janet Atallah

November 2023: Becoming a Better Teacher with SIM

Janet Atallah and Bonnie Palasak

In this edition of SIM StoryCorps, Bonnie and Janet will talk about how SIM helped them to become better teachers.

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Expanding your Horizons with SIM

March 2023: Expanding Your Horizons with SIM

In this SIM StoryCorps, we’ll hear Pam Leitzell and Gloria Sherman talk about how SIM impacted their teaching and expanded their horizons.

Listen to or Read the March 2023 StoryCorps

Barb Duchardt & Joyce Rademacher

April 2022: SIM Success in the University Classroom and Beyond

In this SIM StoryCorps, we’ll hear Barb Duchardt and Joyce Rademacher, two retired professors of special education and SIM Professional Developers located in Louisiana and Texas reminisce about their SIM success in the university classroom and beyond.

Listen to or read SIM StoryCorps #5: April 2022

Whitney Miller, Dana McCaleb, and Helen Barrier

January 2022: How SIM Opens Doors

In this SIM StoryCorps, we’ll hear Helen Barrier, Dana McCaleb and Whitney Miller, SIM Professional Development Leaders and Coordinators at the VDOE’s Training and Technical Assistance Center at Virginia Tech talk about How SIM Has Opened Doors.

Listen to or read SIM StoryCorps #4: January 2022

Rosanne Arvin and Bev Colombo

September 2021: SIM: Why We’re Still in Education

In this SIM StoryCorps, two SIM Professional Development Leaders, Rosanne Arvin in Florida and Bev Columbo in Missouri, share why SIM has kept them in the field of education for more than 40 years!

Listen to or read SIM StoryCorps #3: September 2021

Richard Goldhammer & Sue Woodruff

May 2021: SIM Goes to Harvard Medical School

Richard Goldhammer and Sue Woodruff

In this SIM StoryCorps, we’ll hear Richard Goldhammer, a SIM Professional Developer in Massachusetts, and Sue Woodruff, a SIM Professional Developer in Michigan, talk about Richard’s experiences with integrating SIM into his work as a learning specialist at Harvard Medical School.

Listen to or read SIM StoryCorps #2: May 2021

Rosemary Tralli & Jocelyn Washburn

April 2021: Ignited by Student Success and Fueled by Shared Passion

Rosemary Tralli and Jocelyn Washburn

In this first edition of SIM StoryCorps, Rosemary and Jocelyn discuss their work and inspirations.

Listen to or read SIM StoryCorps #1: April 2021