SIM Stories

The Center for Research on Learning (CRL) began as an organization focused on struggling adolescent learners in secondary schools. In large measure, and to our professional satisfaction, that is still what we do today. These stories capture a sense of the broad array of challenges we have met head-on through our development of the Strategic Instruction Model® (SIM) and related research.

Decoding Skills Leap Six Grade Levels with The Word Identification Strategy

Student Success: Strategy30+2: The Word Identification Strategy
J Wallace Progress

The Power of One: Once Teacher's Story of Success (NC)

Katelyn Hagen's Teaching Success: 30+3: Xtreme Reading
Student Grade Level Gains

A journey from memorization to understanding multiplication and division

Jessica Milton's Teaching Success: 30+5: The Strategic Math Series
Jessica Milton uses Strategic Math with one of her students

Rural school's Dream Team initiates big change with Xtreme Reading

Swain County Middle School Success: 30+4: Xtreme Reading
SIM Stories: 30+4: Grade Level Gains

Matt Gauer's Story of Sweet Success

Student Success: 30+6: Learning Strategies
Matt owns his own business called The Art of Cakes

Brooklyn Middle STEAM School: 30 Years with SIM

School Success: 30+7: SIM
Brooklyn Middle School teachers

The first SIM Profile School: Laura Belle Wallace Middle School in Kyle, Texas

School Success: 30+8: SIM
Scene from Wallace Middle School

James Madison University, the Virginia Department of Education and SIM work together for student success

Collaboration Success: 30+13: SIM
Presentation of framed CLC Schools

From tears to cheers: One student’s SIM Learning Strategy success

Student Success: 30+21: Student success in Florida, LINCS Vocabulary Strategy, Word Mapping Strategy and Self Questioning Strategy
Pre vs. Post test difference of 40% points

SIM Learning Strategies helped turn a career goal into reality

Student success in Florida: 30+28: Learning Strategies
Canine officer and dog on boat

More Stories from Students and Teachers

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SIM StoryCorps is a candid conversation between two SIM Professional Developers about what’s really important in the field of education: students, connections, hope, success. How did SIM contribute to attaining what matters most? Listen to these stories from educators' hearts to find out.