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Cooperative Thinking: Teamwork Strategy

Author(s): D. Sue Vernon, Donald D. Deshler, and Jean B. Schumaker

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, 1993

The Teamwork Strategy provides a framework for organizing and completing tasks in small groups. Students analyze an assignment and divide it into specific tasks, equitably assign those tasks to individuals, offer and request help to complete the individual jobs, ask for and give feedback to other group members, assemble the individual jobs into one product, and evaluate the process used to complete the project and assess the interpersonal skills of group members.

In field tests, students in experimental classes increased their use of cooperative skills dramatically, from one-quarter to one-third of identified skills to three-quarters of the skills. Some groups chose not to use the strategy for some tasks. When students used the strategy, cooperative skill performance was close to 100 percent.

Teamwork Strategy Research


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