SIM Virtual Professional Learning: Canvas Course

The Sentence Writing Strategies

Why would I want to teach the SIM Sentence Writing Strategies?

Each Sentence Writing Strategy has shown in research studies to produce substantial and socially significant gains in students’ writing performance.

Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy (for students in grades 2+) is a set of instructional lessons during which students will learn basic grammar terms as well as how to write and check several types of simple sentences. Instruction in Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy (FSW) is appropriate for students who need a thorough grounding in basic concepts and terms, such as "subject," "verb," or "infinitive." FSW can be used as a developmental writing curriculum or as a quick set of review lessons to improve students' understanding of these concepts.

Once students have that basic understanding, they may move on to Proficiency in the Sentence Writing Strategy (for students in grades 3+). With these lessons, you can teach students about clauses and the other advanced sentence structure elements. Together, these two Sentence Writing Strategies support students to recognize and write 14 sentence patterns with four types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex.

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