Unleash Student Potential

Understanding and Solving Problems with SIM Learning Strategies

Each SIM Learning Strategy targets a specific skill students need to master to succeed in school--from late elementary through college or university--and in their careers

  • Learn how to learn: how to paraphrase critical information, picture information to aid in understanding and remembering, ask questions and make predictions while reading different kinds of texts, and identify unknown words in reading assignments.
  • Prepare for tests: develop mnemonics and other devices to help memorize facts and learn new vocabulary.
  • Express ideas and demonstrate knowledge: write sentences, paragraphs, and themes; monitor written work for errors; and confidently take tests.

Empowering Teachers with SIM Content Enhancement Routines

Content Enhancement is an instructional method that uses powerful teaching devices to organize and present course information so that all students can understand and remember.

  • Think about and organize content
  • Explore text, topics, and details
  • Teach complex concepts
  • Help students complete their work

Making SIM the Foundation of your Literacy Program

SIM is a comprehensive adolescent literacy program that tends to both student needs and teacher needs. SIM practices and materials have been proven effective through more than 30 years of research and classroom experience.

  • Based on research
  • Supporting materials include books, CDs, and videotapes that provide guidance for building learning communities, enhancing social skills, and improving communication and teaming within the education community.
  • International Professional Development Network and instructional coaches