Community Building: Following Instructions Together

The Community Building Series was designed to help students learn important skills that can turn every classroom into a true learning community where all students are sincerely interested in one another, actively work to help each other learn, and all members feel valued for what they can contribute. They feel safe and protected, and are able to take risks as learners. They feel connected to one another. As a result, negative interactions and bullying are minimized, and students who need help and support can receive it within the structure of the class. In this series, students learn confidence and competence-building skills associated with participating and working with partners and the concepts of respect, tolerance, and a learning community.
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Following Instructions Together is designed to teach students concepts and strategies associated with following instructions effectively. They learn how to verify instructions, from simple oral directions to more complex written and oral instructions. They also learn to check their written assignments before turning them in to ensure they have followed all instructions.

In a field test involving 20 elementary teachers and their students, results indicated that the students learned and applied the concepts and strategies of effectively and productively working with partners to follow simple and complex instructions. Significant differences were found between students who participated in the Following Instructions Together program (experimental group) and students who did not (comparison group). Students in the experimental group answered significantly more questions correctly about community concepts and followed complex instructions significantly more accurately than students in the comparison group.


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Author(s): D. Sue Vernon, Jean B. Schumaker, and Donald D. Deshler

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, Inc.