Virtual Xtreme Reading Institute

For Teachers, Administrators, and Instructional Coaches

Presenters: Rosanne Arvin, SIM PDL and Bonnie Palasak, SIM PD

Note: This professional learning event is a series of sessions, which will meet to learn the instructional routines and several reading strategies as well as provide time for participant interaction and feedback.

Important Dates:

Info. Sessions for Interested Administrators and Teachers: Dec. 2, 2021 (3:30 - 4:30 CST) & Jan. 19, 2022 (11 am - 12 pm CST) - The purpose of these informational webinars is to hear an overview of Xtreme Reading and discuss critical preparations for effective implementation (e.g. teacher selection, student selection, master schedule). 

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Registration Due: June 10, 2022

Institute Dates: June 27-29, 2022

Xtreme Reading is a spiral curriculum that includes instruction in eight foundational reading and motivation strategies across a single school year. It entails explicit instruction in each strategy: guided practice, meaningful feedback, and independent practice in generalizing and combining strategies within and outside school.

Xtreme Reading is appropriate for students who exhibit:

  • Poor reading fluency,
  • Small sight vocabularies,
  • Limited understanding of words and multiple word meanings,
  • Limited background and conceptual knowledge,
  • Few skills in using strategies that enhance understanding and remembering of oral and written language.

The primary audience for the Institute is teachers, and administrators and any school-based instructional coaches are encouraged to attend alongside their teachers.

Before this Institute you will:

  • Learn about the research behind Xtreme Reading.
  • Familiarize your self with the structure of the curriculum.
  • Make student placement decisions based on comprehensive diagnostic protocols.
  • Add XR Course to your school's master schedule.
  • Recruit your best teacher(s) as XR instructors!

During this Institute you will:

  • Interact with professional developers, researchers, and implementers of Xtreme Reading.
  • Participate in interactive professional learning to launch the course with the Xpect to Achieve unit, which includes 2 strategies designed for classroom behavior, motivation, and goal setting.
  • Participate in interactive professional learning for the first 2 of 6 intensive reading strategies designed to increase vocabulary development and reading comprehension.
  • Learn about student assessment, progress monitoring, and EOY reporting.

After this Institute you will:

  • Be ready to teach with Xtreme Reading on Day 1.
  • Have the opportunity to hone your skills by engaging in t5-6 additional interactive online coaching sessions to trouble-shoot, celebrate together, and participate in professional learning for the rest of the 6 intensive reading strategies.
  • Watch recordings of all online sessions to refresh anytime.
  • Access an Xtreme Reading website with teacher resources.

Participants will receive the following materials as part of their registration:

  1. A Complete Instructor's Set of Xtreme Reading ($1,210 value)
    • Instructor Notebooks (one of each)

          •    Xpect to Achieve (includes manuals for SCORE Skills & Talking Together and access to Xtreme Reading resources via password-protected website)

          •    Word Mapping Strategy manual

          •    Word Identification Strategy manual

          •    Possible Selves manual

          •    Self-Questioning Strategy manual

          •    Paraphrasing Strategy and Fundamentals of Paraphrasing & Summarizing manuals

          •    Inference Strategy manual

          •    Visual Imagery Strategy manual
    • Teacher Edition of passages (one of each title)

          •    Word ID Passages: Teacher Edition

          •    Self-Questioning Passages: Teacher Edition

          •    Paraphrasing Passages: Teacher Edition

          •    Fundamentals of Paraphrasing & Summarizing Passages: Teacher Edition & Student Edition

          •    Inference Strategy: Teacher Edition & Student Edition
    • 1 Student Workbook in Binder (consumable)
  2. Electronic Micro-credential verifying your participation in this institute that can be posted on e-portfolios, websites, Linkedin, etc.

Registration Deadline, June 10, 2022

Early Bird Price: $2800 ($2900, after May 22) - Please register by June 6 to receive your materials on time.

Early Bird Bulk Rates Available (before May 22): $2600/person 6-10 people, $2500/person 11+ people

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Registration Step Two: Payment

Note: This class has a minimum enrollment number. Please do not submit payment information until we contact you that we have reached the minimum enrollment. Thank you!

Refund Policy:

If you find you are not able to attend the class, notify KUCRL by June 6 for a refund of your registration minus a $50 cancellation fee.

For questions regarding registration, please contact, 785-864-0626.

For questions regarding payment, contact, 785-864-4780.

An accessible version of the documents on this site will be made available upon request. Please contact the KU CRL Professional Development Research Institute, at to request the document be made available in an accessible format.