SIMposium Mini Keynote Sessions

Tuesday, July 11 - 8:30 am


Cathleen Beachboard and Janice Creneti

Session Description:

  • Mini-Keynote Session #1- SIM: A Building Block for Hope - Beachboard

    • Hope is not simply an emotion. Hope is a science. Hope is one of the most robust predictors of GPA, future academic attainment, and overall resiliency. Measuring and raising hope levels can combat the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences, build motivation, and drive achievement. SIM professional developer and author Cathleen Beachboard is on a mission to improve hope in schools. This mini-keynote shows how standard practices in the SIM Content Enhancement Routines (CER) and Learning Strategies (LS) support psychological hope and can improve the success and life outcomes of every learner. Interweaving her expertise as a classroom teacher utilizing SIM CER and LS, and research and tools from her new book, The School of Hope: The Journey From Trauma and Anxiety to Achievement, Happiness, and Resilience, Cathleen plans to show how SIM can be a building block for supporting hope in every classroom.
  • Mini-Keynote Session #2- Using Stories for Impactful Professional Learning - Creneti
    • As professional developers we seek to design and facilitate learning experiences that engage our participants in deep work and inspire them to action. Our stories of successes (and trials) along the way can be powerful vehicles for creating this engagement. Stories can help participants connect to their whys, see themselves in the learning journey and reassure them that hitting bumps on the journey is all part of the process. In this mini-keynote, we will explore the what, why, and how of leveraging our stories for impactful professional learning.