SIMposium Session: Building Bridges from Earlier Content Enhancement Routines to Higher Order Thinking and Reasoning Routines

Wednesday, July 12 - 10:30-11:30 am


Jan Bulgren and Darren Minarik

Session Description:

Layering popular Content Enhancement Routines with our HOTR routines is a great way to create powerful professional development and show teachers how multiple routines enhance instruction and learning. Learn how to construct your own bridges between popular Routines and HOTR.

Participants will

  • Identify the core characteristics of HOTR Routines
  • Compare HOTR Routines to other Content Enhancement Routines
  • Construct a bridge between a Frame or Concept Mastery diagram and one or more HOTR routines


  • Please bring a laptop and a copy of a Frame or Concept Mastery diagram that you use in professional development or the classroom.


Available in SIMville