SIMposium Session: Situating Cross Curricular Argumentation in Social Studies and Science Classes: Examples, Experiences and Insights from the Field

Wednesday, July 12 - 3:45-4:45 pm


Jan Bulgren and Darren Minarik

Session Description:

Examine how pre-service and in-service teachers are using Cross-Curricular Argumentation as a way to promote higher order thinking and reasoning in the classroom. Explore ways to support teacher professional development as they learn how to construct and implement this routine.

Participants will

  • Identify the core characteristics of HOTR Routines and in particular, the Cross-Curricular Argumentation Routine
  • Examine examples of the routine in science and social studies at the pre-service and in-service level
  • Construct sections of a Cross-Curricular Argumentation Routine
  • Develop a plan for using the routine in the classroom or in professional development


  • Please bring a laptop and access to standards from your state on a topic of your choice in social studies or science.


  • Available in SIMville