The Essay Test-Taking Strategy

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The Essay Test-Taking Strategy is designed to help students deal effectively with the complex test-taking demands of courses in school as well as the essay test-taking demands associated with state competency tests--including high-stakes tests--and college entrance exams. Students are taught to analyze essay questions, organize information, write their answers with a specific structure, and revise with edits to create polished products.

In studies, at-risk students who received instruction in the strategy earned an average score of 5 percent of the points available for essay test-taking behaviors before instruction. After instruction, they earned an average score of 85 percent of the points available. In addition, essay answers produced after instruction received higher ratings than those produced before instruction.

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Author(s): Charles A. Hughes, Jean B. Schumaker, and Donald D. Deshler

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, 2005



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