Integrating SIM with Other Programs, Strategies, and Initiatives

The Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™) contributes to a coordinated school-wide approach to improve student literacy.  SIM integrates seamlessly with other educational resources and practices to ensure equitable and high-quality learning opportunities.  The model empowers teachers with evidence-based instructional tools and interventions that maximize student success.  When SIM principles and components are systematically incorporated, schools build strong and nurturing learning environments.  Understanding the relationship between other initiatives and SIM enable educators to develop comprehensive student support systems. Toward that end, the following crosswalks between SIM and other commonly utilized resources illustrate how SIM provides the evidence based practices that schools strive to advance. 

College Prep

Research Based Practices

It is important to match instructional resources to students' needs. Schools may select from several programs and evidence-based practices to address specific developmental goals.  SIM can coexist with those tools within a comprehensive school improvement plan.  SIM provides evidence-based practices that bridge instruction across the domains of a structured literacy approach. SIM reinforces foundational literacy skills and also provides literacy access to the curriculum. As examples only, the following evidence-based foundational reading programs are complementary within a school framework:

  • Read 180
  • SRA Corrective Reading
  • Wilson Reading

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