The Framing Routine

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Teachers and students use the Framing Routine in conjunction with a graphic organizer called a "Frame" to develop a thorough understanding of information associated with key topics and main ideas. The Frame, a concrete representation of abstract ideas, helps students study essential information and focus on relationships between main ideas and details as well as among several main ideas.

Research results have consistently demonstrated that the routine can effectively facilitate subject-matter learning as well as the development of literacy and thinking skills. In a study focusing on written products of 35 eighth-grade students, the students who were taught with the Framing Routine wrote an average of 102 words more per product than did the students who were in the comparison group. In another study conducted in a fourth/fifth-grade multi-age inclusive classroom, students' scores on answers to essay test questions were an average of 21 percentage points higher when the teacher used the Framing Routine to teach the subject matter.

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The Framing Routine Research (.pdf)

Author(s): Edwin S. Ellis

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, 1998

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