The Jan Roth Spirit Award

The Jan Roth Spirit Award recognizes individuals who dramatically affect lives through their relentless infusion of energy and positive spirit into the work of others, who affect the very tone, temperament, and environment in a positive way. The award was named for its first recipient, Janet Roth, KUCRL's long-time director of professional development. Janet's attention to every detail and her concern for individual members of the SIM Professional Development Network added an extra sparkle to the work of the network. This award honors that spirit in others.


Janet Jones (MN), Diane Larson (MN), Shari Schindele (MN) and Barb Vallejo (MN) - Minnesota SIM Pioneers


Debbie Higginbotham (NC) and Sue Woodruff (MI) - Leadership Pathways Work Group Co-Leads
Dana McCaleb (VA) - Certfiication and Maintenance & Update Conferences Work Group Lead
Rosemary Tralli (CT) - Marketing Work Group Lead
Cindy Medici (FL) - Technology Enhanced Professional Learning Work Group Lead
Patty Kohler (AR) - Preservice Outreach and Connections Work Group Lead
Pam Leitzell (AL), Bonnie Palasak (AR), Rosanne Arvin (FL) - Xtreme Reading Cadre Completed Workgroup Leads


Patty Graner - Director of SIM Professional Development, KUCRL


Gail Cheever - SIM Professional Development Leader, Bakersfield, CA


Jean Schumaker, Associate Director,  KUCRL
Three years after completing her Ph.D. at KU in 1975, Jean learned of a job that she thought would be perfect for her.  It was an opening with the new Institute for Research in Learning Disabilities that combined all of her interests: work with adolescents, academics, research design, and grant writing.  Almost 30 years later, Jean has been a driving force behind the growth and success of what is now the KUCRL.  Her vision for the Center to become a leading educational force on campus and throughout the country has been integral to its success. Her dogged determination to go thte extra mile has ensured that members of the SIM Network have the instructional materials and support products to enable them to work effectively with children.  Equally important has been the role she has played to ensure that KUCRL has had the financial resources necessary to carry out its mission. Herw ork has had a dramatic effect on the olives of thousands of struggling adolescent learners and the teachers who work with them.  The energy and enthusiasm she has exhibited has she has conducted this significant work reflect the very spirit this award is intended to honor.


Jan Roth - Director of SIM Professional Development, KUCRL