The ORDER Routine

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Teachers use the ORDER Routine to organize and make sense of information visually. Students think about what they have just learned or read, try to understand how it all fits together, look for any missing information or errors in their notes, and try to fit it all together to create their own graphic organizer.

Students with and without LD in grades 7 to 12 whose teachers taught them how to use the ORDER Routine had significantly higher test scores on recognizing the expository relationships among content in a reading passage and in creating appropriate graphic organizers for the content compared to when

Author(s): David J. Scanlon, Jean B. Schumaker, and Donald D. Deshler

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, 2004

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The Order Routine Research (.pdf)


  • Bulgren. J., & Scanlon, D. (1997). Instructional routines and learning strategies that promote understanding of content area concepts. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 41(4), 292-302. This article provides examples of using content enhancement routines (Concept Diagram, Comparison Table, ORDER) to promote an understanding of middle and secondary school content area concepts.

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