Xtreme Reading

The mission associated with SIM™ Xtreme Reading™ is to empower adolescent learners to reach their goals and to teach them the strategies, habits of learning, and knowledge required to thrive in the 21st century.

Guiding Instructional Principles:

  • Value each student as a person and a learner
  • Personalize teaching and learning
  • Connect reading to dreams and quality of life
  • Continually model expert reading behaviors
  • Establish high expectations for each student
  • Engage students in learning so “each minute counts”
  • Provide abundant opportunities for scaffolded practice
  • Provide helpful and ongoing feedback
  • Empower students to fluently and intelligently use strategies
  • Hold students accountable for outcome goals
  • Get significant results

Xtreme Reading is a spiral curriculum that includes instruction in eight foundational reading and motivation strategies across a single school year. It entails explicit instruction in each strategy: guided practice, meaningful feedback, and independent practice in generalizing and combining strategies within and outside school.

Xtreme Reading is appropriate for students who exhibit:

  • Poor reading fluency,
  • Small sight vocabularies,
  • Limited understanding of words and multiple word meanings,
  • Limited background and conceptual knowledge,
  • Few skills in using strategies that enhance understanding and remembering of oral and written language.

Xtreme Reading is appropriate for students reading, minimally, at the fourth grade level. Xtreme Reading teachers follow daily, detailed lesson plans. The lesson format requires a rigorous pace to keep students engaged throughout the entire class period.

Xtreme Reading professional developers and coaches can support teachers in the classroom setting through classroom observations, model lessons, feedback about effective instruction, student data review, and ongoing support for teachers and students.

The Xtreme Reading program provides students with an opportunity to become strong readers and stronger students. It lays the groundwork for success in school and opens the door to success in life.

Author(s): Jean Schumaker, Donald D. Deshler, Michael Hock, Janis Bulgren

Publication Info: University of Kansas, 2015; current edition, 2021

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