SIMposium Session: Infrastructure: Creating Conditions for Successful School Change

Wednesday, July 12 - 2:15-3:30 pm


Pam Leitzell, Paula Crawford, and Karen Mitchell

Session Description:

School change initiatives are often doomed to fail because infrastructure supports are not carefully woven into the fabric of the master plan. This session takes a look at an infrastructural approach to school change where leadership, curriculum, professional development and data are key components in a change initiative.  Presenters will share examples of ways to tie these critical components together to form strong supports for change.

  Participants will learn about
•    Creating readiness to accept and work on change.  
•    Building a teaming structure to support change.
•    Using data to drive change.

Before this session, please take time to download and review the information in the documents and handouts provided.


Available in SIMville