The Socially Wise Program

Socially Wise Program graphic

Social skills can provide a boost for youths in any situation. Many youths have not learned some of the more complex skills simply because they do not have good models in their environments. This CD program provides computerized instruction in eight social skills plus a strategy for designing their own social skills. Skills covered include: Dealing with Critical Feedback, Coping with “No,” Accepting Advice, Negotiation, Apologizing, Involving Others, Responding to Peer Pressure, and Giving Feedback to Peers. These skills were specifically selected to provide youths with positive alternatives for behaving in situations that have the potential to result in negative consequences for them if not handled appropriately.

For each skill, instruction from a narrator is interspersed with interactive activities and video clips of youths performing the skills. Each student will need to have access to a computer onto which the program has been downloaded. The instructor will need to monitor student use of the program, check student performance of each skill, and provide feedback.

Author(s): Sue Vernon

Publication Info: Edge Enterprises, 2010


  • Research Brief - The Socially Wise Program (pdf)
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