Teaching Cross-Curricular Argumentation Routine

"Teaching Cross-Curricular Argumenation Routine manual cover photo"

Teachers use the Cross-Curricular Argumentation Routine to guide students to evaluate whether a claim is supported by evidence and reasoning, consider counterarguments, and make a decision to accept or reject the claim.

The use of argumentation is supported by two routines –the Scientific Argumentation Routine (SAR) and the Cross Curricular Argumentation Routine (CCAR). Students whose teachers used the SAR had significantly higher overall test scores than students in the comparison condition with large effect sizes. Differences between mean pretest and post-test scores were 50% larger in the 7th grade experimental group, and almost twice as large for the 8th and 9th grade students compared to students in the comparison condition. Research data from the SAR provided support for the development of the CCAR; research is ongoing across different content areas.

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Supporting Research
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