Mike Hock

Mike Hock

Michael Hock, Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Senior Research Scientist at the University of Kansas. His research involves the development and validation of adolescent reading and student motivation interventions that respond to the needs of districts or agencies as well as the needs of academically under-prepared adolescents and adults. His interests include the design and validation of instructional strategies and practices for improving student outcomes for adolescents who struggle with learning. His interests also include professional development, instructional coaching, and the change process related to getting research to practice.

Conference Sessions

Tuesday, July 11

8:30 am

Welcome & Awards


Wednesday, July 12


Kaleidoscope Session: IES Transition Grant Study Results

Presenters: Mike Hock and Tonya Eberhart

3:45-4:45 pm

Engaging Adolescents in Learning and Transition Planning: Possible Selves 2nd Edition

Presenters: Mike Hock and Tonya Eberhart